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Approved by laboratories, Compliance Departments and consultants (CEBTP, GINGER, CETE, CER Rouen, SOCOTEC and LMCU), VAREM™ is the only acknowledged material of industrial quality!

VAREM ™ is the only alluvium treated with quicklime that is approved by SOCOTEC, CEBTP, LMCU, CETE, CER Rouen, EDF-GDF, SNCF, and PONT A MOUSSON, for coating networks.

As soon as VAREM ™ is compacted, its strength is equivalent to or higher than granular material. Water resistant and nearly frost proof, VAREM can thus be used once it has been compacted within a moist area, or even a high groundwater table.

VAREM™ guarantees the success of your building site! Currently, over 6 million tonnes of VAREM™ have been used for building the most complex embankments and earthworks.

Our customers are 100% satisfied with VAREM ™.

In the context of Sustainable Development and global environmental policy (the Summit Meetings held at Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, etc.] recycling has become a part of socially responsible action. VAREM™is the eco-friendly material most often used in Europe, with over 6 million.


1 - Manufacturing process

VAREM™ is obtained by using a pulvi-mixer which mixes very fine particles of alluvium and lime (a unique and patented process] thus giving it its unique characteristics.

Lime allows the stabilisation of the material by flocculation of the clay particles and produces an irreversible calcistructuration reaction. VAREM™ is easy and quick to use, even when it rains. DEVAREM Environnement guarantees the availability and quality of its products

2 - Respecting the environment

Waste material intended for recycling is sorted beforehand and only accepted when it is inert.

The VAREM ™ product thus obtained does not present any danger to the quality of groundwater tables or the soil.

VAREM™ is a clean and inert material which fully respects the environment and justifiably enables it to be called an eco-friendly material.

3 - Uses of VAREM on building sites

4 - The reassurance of a quality product

All the tests and analyses carried out on-site or by approved laboratories exceed the current regulatory requirements and result in a material which is of indisputable quality.

The inert status of VAREM™ is verified to match the quality requirements of drinking water! Download our technical brochure