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Devarem Environment is one of the largest European platforms specialising in recycling inert waste produced by construction and civil engineering works.

The DEVAREM process offers an alternative to the dumping of your inert waste matter produced by construction and civil engineering works.

Their recycling allows them to be reused on your building sites. DEVAREM recycles excavated material, concrete from demolition, deconstruction of roads, broken materials, etc.

For recycling excavated material, DEVAREM has developed a unique and patented process for treatment with lime in order to make an industrial quality recycled material called VAREM™.

Crushing and screening of concrete arising from demolition and road deconstruction allows the latter to be recycled into eco-friendly products, calibrated to the particle sizes required by the client for its different applications and needs.

The construction and civil engineering industry alone generates over 343 million tonnes of waste matter, i.e., 5.5 tonnes per inhabitant. 97% of waste matter produced by construction and public works are inert. The portion which could be transformed into VAREM™ in France weighs 150 million tonnes per year, i.e., 2.5 tonnes per inhabitant!



  • Checking the conformity of the product upon unloading.
  • Maximum sorting of the raw product.
  • Primary iron removal from the coarsest elements.
  • Second check of the product through unloading onto the concrete slab to avoid any risk of transferring contamination.
  • Reloading of materials that do not comply with regulations.

2 - Preparation

  • Filling organised from the building by means of machines.
  • Drying of the material by ventilation.
  • Analysing the percentage of moisture in the zones before treatment.
  • Determination of the quantity of binder necessary to obtain a finished product of quality.
  • Moistening of material, if necessary with water stored on site.


  • Primary screening of materials in order to eliminate residue (plastic, fragments of blocks, paper, iron, etc.).
  • Iron removal from the material on the conveyor belt delivery
  • Secondary screening to provide clearly-specified particle sizes.
  • Storage and availability of finished product


  • Timely analysis and trials of finished product.
  • Monitoring of moisture level. The latter remains constant, even after several weeks of storage.
  • Monitoring of product by approved laboratories: GINGER, SOCOTEC and APAVE.
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To note

Devarem ENVIRONMENT won the Innovation Award in 2000 and the Environmental Award in 2005.