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Devarem Developpement offers you the ideal solution for dealing with loamy debris with lime for small and medium sized building sites

Backed by its know-how and proven experience in the recovery of inert materials in the fields of construction and civil engineering,DEVAREM Developpement continues to be innovative by offering businesses an ultra-mobile material: the DEVAREM 50.

The company uses the DEVAREM patented process, implemented and acknowledged for over 12 years, for treating loamy debris with lime.

Due to its minimum 50 tonnes per hour production rate, the DEVAREM 50 is capable of making efficient use of your composite loamy or stony debris throughout all your building sites, turning it into an industrial quality, environmentally-friendly material called VAREM™

This ultra-mobile unit is perfect for the needs of companies with small and medium-sized building sites: the process conforms totally to the organisation of your operations.

Using the DEVAREM patented process which has satisfied 100% of its users, the DEVAREM 50 produces VAREM™ at a rate of 50 tonnes per hour.



When used on building sites, the DEVAREM 50 allows composite loamy or stony debris to be treated directly with lime.

This gives the material mechanical qualities which are identical or even better than the natural gravel which it replaces.

There is therefore no longer any need to find a means of dumping your excavated materials or paying for such.

2 - Adapted to your needs

With its simple and intuitive interface, the DEVAREM 50 is easy to operate, including on building sites for installing miscellaneous infrastructures, sewerage and sanitation.

The recovered, environmentally- friendly material (VAREM™) may be used as sanitation backfills or as a layer in the form of roads and buildings.

The treated material is immediately at the disposal of your building site.


The DEVAREM 50 minimises:

  • The costs of dumping inert materials
  • The costs of supplying natural quarry materials
  • Transport costs, especially on building sites where there is a lack of space (urban building sites)
  • The environmental footprint and CO2

The DEVAREM 50 is the recycling solution available for your building sites.


  • The mobility of the DEVAREM 50 which can be used on several building sites.
  • Physical characteristics of the DEVAREM 50:
    • Length: 7.8 metres
    • Width: 2.5 metres
    • Height: 3.1 metres
    • Weight: 20 tonnes
  • Fully automated process
  • Transportable on an 8x4 Ampliroll truck (17 tonnes)
  • The DEVAREM 50 is available for full-service rental

To know

The DEVAREM 50 is available for full-service rental